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Do you make Letraset Dry Transfer Lettering2016-09-09T16:49:40+00:00
How durable is a Rub on Transfer2015-05-17T12:11:24+00:00

We have different types of Rub on Transfers. The process for our Dry Rub on Transfers is designed to cost effectively produce custom and multiple different designs at the same time with no minimum order. These transfers are not abrasion resistant & can be scratched off. However when properly applied to a receptive surface they can be considered permanent. ReproGraphX has numerous mockups that were created with transfers that are as perfect today some 25 years later as the day they where created. For Mockups, Prototypes or other applications that will require regular handling, a clear coating or lamination can be applied making the transfers a perfect solution for almost any application. The hand held Formula 1 content delivery devices were used as working demonstration models. They were painted to the team colors & transfers for logos and graphics were applied & then sprayed with a clear coating. The Vichy Tube was not coated as it was for a 1 time photo shoot, color and marketing approval.

Duplicate Copies VS Product quantity2015-10-15T20:11:27+00:00

If you would like additional duplicate copies of your art, use the Duplicate Copies option selector to chose the total of copies you wish to receive. Ordering 2 sheets 8.5 x 11 is the equivalent of 1 sheet 11×17 inches so the Duplicate Copies option selector is built to calculate the cost based on the 11×17 sheet price and to not double the 8.5×11 sheet cost. Should you need more than 4 Duplicate copies, consider increasing the size of your art to a larger sheet size or contact us with the exact quantity needed. Alternatively, place your order using a combination of the Duplicate Copies & Product Quantity field and Rub-on -Transfer.com will calculate the most cost effective format and will refund the difference before commencing the order.

How fast can I have my Custom Dry Rub on Transfer sheet.2015-05-17T10:05:49+00:00

Custom Dry Rub on Transfer sheet can ship the same or next day.

We have the highest quality, easiest to apply, Lowest Cost Rub on Transfers at any service delay you need.
We are are the only Dry Rub on Transfer site to Offer You a Choice of 7 different production speeds.
This results in significant cost savings on the already the lowest cost transfer site around.

As well as having multiple delivery transit times to chose from, the shipping is offered at cost with some incredible discounts.

Do you have Templates for Rub on Transfers2015-05-17T12:11:13+00:00

We are building an Extensive library of templates for our customers.
Here is a link to the Dry Rub on transfer Templates and they can also be found  through the top navigation menu.
There are Rub on Transfer templates for Single Color & Multicolor Transfers sheets.

These templates provide a set of color swatches and other document settings optimized for creating a Custom Dry Rub on Transfer sheet.
They can be easily modified to your desired sheet size until we can post a version for every size.

What is the difference between a Metallic & a Foil Dry Rub on Transfer2015-05-17T10:06:11+00:00

Foil Transfers have a gloss, MIRROR like appearance. They are created from Hot-stamping foils.

They are UNLIKE that of a Metallic Transfers which have minute metallic particles.
The appearance of Metallic transfers closely resembles that of metallic paint.

Metallic Transfers are offered as custom matches as well as the Stock colors Gold & Silver
The pantone references for the stock Metallic Dry Rub on transfers would be PMS 871 Gold & PMS 877 Silver


What is a Custom Dry Rub on Transfer2017-05-20T00:02:15+00:00

A Dry Rub On Transfer is an image printed on a translucent sheet.  The image has a coating of adhesive on it’s back. The image is transferred from the translucent sheet onto another surface by applying light pressure in a rubbing motion. The transfer can be applied to most dust, grease and oil free surfaces.

The transferred image of a Rub-On-Transfer.com transfer appears as if it was printed directly to the item. Dry rub on transfers are referred to as DRY because they are applied dry, without the need for any liquid. A Rub-On-Transfer.com transfer is not a label, a water-slide decal or a T-Shirt heat Transfer

Important qualities to look for in a transfer are;

  • A transfer that is opaque, not transparent, therefore it can be applied to a surface of any color without changing the color of the rub on transfer. A transparent yellow transfer applied to a black surface would allow the black surface underneath to show through the transfer, effectively making the yellow rub down transfer image almost black.
  • A rub on transfer where only the image transfers, a transfer where there is no clear or white border around image that needs to be trimmed, otherwise it is essentially a label. Transfers of this type are not very practical if you have to trim around each and every shape before applying it to the surface of your choice.
  • A transfer with an image that is at a very high resolution, this will ensure sharp well defined text, lines and images.

Custom Dry Rub On Transfers from Rub-On-Transfer.com offer all of the above & many other options and features needed to produce quality transfers for your projects.

The transferred image of a Rub-On-Transfer.com transfer appears as if it was printed directly to the item. Dry rub on transfers are referred to as DRY because they are applied dry, without the need for any liquid. A Rub-On-Transfer.com transfer is not a label or a water-slide decal.


Why is there a ™ & © on some of the Products, Descriptions & Taglines2015-05-21T21:39:43+00:00

It is said that, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. However, we suspect that it was not the intention of the others who have copied, almost word for word, & even the capitalization of some of our Taglines, product & service descriptions. As a matter of record, let be known that this duplicate or near duplicate content was created by us. We are now adding the ™ & © to our Taglines, Product & Service descriptions to call to everyone’s attention that these Taglines, Product & Service descriptions are original to us and all content is copyrighted and may not be used with out our express written consent.

What finishes are available for Rub on Transfers2015-05-17T10:06:31+00:00

Satin, Semi Gloss & Gloss. Currently only Satin is available to order on line.

Contact us to let us know which finish you need

What is a ColorZone™ Transfer2017-05-20T00:02:15+00:00

An Exclusive Order on Line First by Transfers ReproGraphX

A ColorZone™ Transfer is a custom Rub on Transfer sheet that is split into separate partitioned Zones of Colors at your choice of sizes and colors.
ColorZone™ Transfers can be an economical way to order several different colors at the same time rather than ordering different Single Color Transfers.
ColorZone™ Transfers differ from Color Registered Transfers as the Zones of Color are NOT registered, positioned or  located precisely to each other, the colors may NOT be anywhere or intermingled on the 1 transfer sheet. The Zones must be parallel to each other & run in the same direction
How to ColorZone Transfer
The above How To Example can be found on the Artwork Template Page and downloaded as a .PDF or an .EPS for easy Examination, Reading or Printing.
Multiple Color rub on transfer arranged in zones

Features, How to Order & Art Setup

Number of ColorZone™ limited ONLY to the Total Sheet Size and the required No Image Areas between each ColorZone
Set the widths of the ColorZones™ to your needs and can be of different sizes.
An economical alternative to Color Registered Transfer Sheets when pre-positioned colors are not necessary.

How to Setup Artwork
Start with our Easy Setup Templates provided for each available size
ColorZones™ must be parallel to each other & run in the same direction as indicated in the Easy Setup Templates
Each different color must be separated by a No Image Area Zone
Create & populate ColorZones with all your graphics for that color.

How to Order
Set the overall Total Sheet Size
and the Ready to Ship Delay

Next, let us know your choice of ReproGraphX Standard Base Stock colors by selecting an option from the 4 ColorZone™ Drop-Down Menus and for any Custom Color Matched colors, enter a complete & valid Color Reference number such as Pantone 151 C in the 4 Custom Color text fields.

Unique directions are provided for each Selector. Once each Stock Color selector as well as the Total Sheet Size, Ready to Ship are made, Add to Cart will appear, once added to Cart, the File Upload will appear. You may upload your file now on this Product Page OR on the Check-Out Page. After Check-Out, files can be Uploaded &/or found in the Order Details & your Account Page. Files are DELETED shortly after shipping.

Example 2 Color Logo
Here the Transfers ReproGraphX logo is used as an example. The logo is color separated but also includes for quick and precise application, elements that are not needed in the color of the applied final logo. In the preparation of the orange part of the logo, the word reprographx uses a clipping mask to eliminate wasted space as this part is not needed in the final logo, but is used to position the colors together when applying the transfer. If your example is small and will not waste needed space then simply reproduce the logo in it’s entirety in both colors.

Applying the transfers is done in 2 steps, 1 step for the first color and then the 2nd color is positioned and then applied completing the 2 color logo.

The parts of the logo that are not in the needed color are used to located, position or register the 2 colors to each other quickly and precisely which is illustrated in the image.

Is there a minimum order2015-05-17T12:09:54+00:00

The only minimum would be 1 sheet at the smallest sheet size of 4×11 inches or 5 x 8 inches. Costs start a s low a $20.

What is the cost of a transfer2017-05-20T00:02:15+00:00

Rub on Transfer costs are determined by 3 factors. Chose from several options for each factor, all designed to give you the greatest set of choices to meet your needs.

The 3 Factors are:

  1. The Transfer Sheet Size
  2. How quick does the transfers sheet need to be Ready to Ship
  3. How many Duplicate Copies do you need?
    (see Duplicate Copies VS Product quantity)

The costs start  as low as $20 for  1 Copy that is Ready to Ship in 20 Days or less at a Sheet Size of 4×11 inches.

Order & Design Online Dry Rub on Transfer sheet

Dry Rub on Transfer sheets at the Lowest Cost with the Greatest Choices of Sheet Sizes & Delivery Speeds.

What Color should I use in my artwork design for Rub on Transfers2015-05-17T12:10:23+00:00

The color to use for Rub on Transfer artwork should be 100% K or 1 spot color. It is important to ensure you use only this 1 color for all your graphics & Logos. A good design & print production practice is to setup 1 color and delete all others with in your artwork document. This ensures that 1 object can not be colored accidentally with a different color that appears visually similar on screen. Objects or graphics in a different color will not print on your transfer sheet. The recommended practice is to download our Rub on Transfer Templates. The Rub on Transfer Template are pre-formated for the size and the recommend color to use. Start designing or paste your existing graphics and re color with the recommended swatch. The color you use in the artwork for a Single Color Transfer does not determine the color your receive. The color of the Transfer received is determined by choosing one of the Single Color Transfer Products listed such as White, Black, Gold, Silver, Foil Etc.