What Color should I use in my artwork design for Rub on Transfers

The color to use for Rub on Transfer artwork should be 100% K or 1 spot color. It is important to ensure you use only this 1 color for all your graphics & Logos. A good design & print production practice is to setup 1 color and delete all others with in your artwork document. This ensures that 1 object can not be colored accidentally with a different color that appears visually similar on screen. Objects or graphics in a different color will not print on your transfer sheet. The recommended practice is to download our Rub on Transfer Templates. The Rub on Transfer Template are pre-formated for the size and the recommend color to use. Start designing or paste your existing graphics and re color with the recommended swatch. The color you use in the artwork for a Single Color Transfer does not determine the color your receive. The color of the Transfer received is determined by choosing one of the Single Color Transfer Products listed such as White, Black, Gold, Silver, Foil Etc.

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