Multi Tool Spoon & Ball Point Burnisher Set

A Spoon burnisher along with a ballpoint burnisher is our preferred tool for applying dry rub on sticker decal transfers. The spoon burnisher has a large contact surface area and the burnisher’s edges or shoulders are rounded. The rounded edges of the shoulders help the contact area to glide across the transfer sheet surface. While burnishing, if the burnisher leaves the transfer film, a burnisher with a larger diameter of the rounded shoulder edge can help the burnish return to the surface of the transfer rather than catching the edge and potentially removing the transfer film prematurely.

The tip of the spoon burnisher is rounded and can be used as a ball point burnisher. While the ballpoint is relatively large compared to most ballpoint burnishers, it can be used to burnish over the smaller rub on sticker decal transfer details that the large surface of the burnisher may have skimmed over. The size of the ballpoint on the other end of the multi-tool spoon burnisher is a size that will be correct for small text or fine details. Being able to switch from a spoon to ballpoint burnish just by flipping it over rather than changing to a different tool makes it a superior choice to a single handle interchangeable tip burnisher. Adding an additional tool with 2 different smaller ballpoint sizes will likely make this multi-tool set the only burnishers you need. Custom Rub on has made this Spoon BallPoint Burnisher available to purchase here.

How to Apply Transfers