Bone Folder as Burnisher

The Bone Folder’s edges are narrow & only slightly rounded but the surface contact area is adequate for applying Dry Rub On Transfer Decals. You can buy a bone folder at WalMart, most hobby, arts & crafts supply stores such as Micheals and Hobby Lobby. Look for the stiff rigid plastic as the soft flexible plastic bone folders will not hold an edge for long. The shape of the bone folder does not feel comfortable or natural while burnishing the dry rub on sticker decals. While the bone folder is excellent for scoring or creasing paper to make straight sharp folds, we find it is less than optimal for applying Dry Rub on Lettering. It’s broad flat shape is perfect for re-burnishing the applied dry transfer decals,. it is a great go-to if you regularly have many dry transfers with large surface areas to re burnish.

How to Apply Transfers